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Solid advantages with solid phenolic wall panels

Solid phenolic wall panels can be quickly and precisely aligned to create a cohesive installation for almost any environment. Photos courtesy Spec-Rite Designs LLC

by Jen Clark
Out of the many types of building materials available to architects and specifiers, solid phenolic wall panels have become increasingly popular due to their durability, ease of maintenance, versatility, and code-compliance.

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Metal Wall Panels on the Roof: How to achieve durability and reliability using sheet metal

All images courtesy Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Some modern architectural designs use newer materials and metal panel assemblies for roofing applications, many of which are not intended to be used as roofing and, therefore, may not be well-suited for it. One such trend is the use of architectural metal wall panels as roofing to create a visually seamless transition between building walls and roof surfaces such as low-slope setbacks in the façade. This can impose unique challenges for the designer and contractor.

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Exploring Mica Coatings’ Potential: A look at Port Canaveral’s Exploration Tower

Photo (c) Rip Noel, Noel Studios Inc. Photo courtesy Valspar Corp.

The welcome center at Florida’s Port Canaveral space shuttle facility is Exploration Tower. Clad in aluminum panels and a curtain wall assembly, it is also the first major project to be finished with paint that changes color depending on the light reflectance. This article looks at how such a coating is applied, and what design professionals need to know about the visual potential of such materials.

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Sustainability in the Desert: Medical education facility showcases copper design

All photos courtesy Timmerman Photography

Relying on sustainable design to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification requirements, the new biomedical facility at The University of Arizona College of Medicine–Phoenix is one of the most innovative construction projects in the U.S. Inspired by its surrounding southwestern landscape, the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) façade is predominately constructed with recycled copper forming a beautiful and intricate cladding system that is most suitable for desert climate. Using nearly 6000 copper panels and more than 10,000 copper parts.

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Specifying Weather-resistant Siding: Section 1405.16

Fiber cement siding complying with International Building Code (IBC) Section 1404.10, Fiber-cement Siding, shall be permitted on exterior walls of Types I, II, III, IV, and V construction for wind pressure resistance or wind speed exposures as indicated by the manufacturer’s listing and label and approved installation instructions. Where specified, the siding should be installed over sheathing or materials listed in Section 2304.6, and conform to the water-resistive barrier (WRB) requirements in Section 1403.

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Specifying Weather-resistant Siding

All photos courtesy James Hardie Building Products

Severe weather can devastate communities and cause costly damage to property, prompting those who select, recommend or influence product decisions for commercial, multifamily, institutional, and industrial buildings to seek more durable siding materials to protect against fire, wind, impact, and floods. As a result, fiber cement siding is an increasingly popular choice to satisfy requirements for both improved property protection and code compliance.

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