Blocking exterior noise sources

Whether at work or home, indoor acoustic comfort requires freedom from unwanted sound. Exposure to elevated noise levels may disrupt sleep and interfere with activities requiring concentration. Left uncontrolled, long-term exposure to noise levels not otherwise considered hazardous can lead to stress.
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Durability of Elastomeric Sealants

Sealant is used in the exterior joints of every modern building, but usually incorrectly. Owners have high expectations for performance and durability, but premature sealant failure is common, resulting in air and water infiltration, property damage, and expensive repair work. Design details and installation practices contribute to the service...
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Using pre-cured sealants in construction applications

by Jason Bakus

Silicone’s excellent aging characteristics, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light and weathering, and long effective life span has made pre-cured sealants a popular material for construction-related applications.

Pre-cured sealants of silicone are produced by extruding elastomeric sealant material and allowing it to cure to a rubbery, flexible...

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