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Security Glazing for Safer Schools

Photo courtesy Graham Architectural Products

Parents and administrators across the country are clamoring for solutions to make their children’s schools more secure. Areas of K−12 educational projects under significant scrutiny are doors and windows—and, more specifically, the glass. For extra school security, laminated security glass can be an easy and cost-effective measure to assist in protecting against forced entry and providing bullet resistance.

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Spontaneous Glass Breakage: Why it happens and what to do about it

Photo © Wes Thompson. Photo courtesy PPG

The past few years have seen several highly publicized incidents involving window and balcony glass breaking spontaneously and falling from high-rise buildings. It is important to have an overview on the potential causes of spontaneous glass breakage, including some common misconceptions about its actual spontaneity. As a means of protection, some fabricators and glazing contractors offer heat-soaking of tempered glass as a potential solution—but what are the risks involved?

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Window and Storefront Thermal Performance: What every specifier needs to know

Photos © Benjamin Benschneider

Energy efficiency is becoming an ever-increasing goal, but it can be difficult with fenestration due to a need to balance performance requirements while remaining economically viable and minimally impacting the environment. Advanced glazing design is evolving to address growing energy management issues, but design professionals must know how to properly employ the right tools to achieve the desired result.

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More Than a Pretty Façade: Design considerations

An airport partition wall at Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX’s) Tom Bradley International Terminal with interior neon lighting alternates colors to connect travelers to the city’s vibrant culture. 
[CREDIT] Photo courtesy Technical Glass Products

Building and design teams can use channel glass systems to create visual statements. Some popular methods for heightening interest include altering the surface treatment, varying the channels’ orientation, and adding backlights.

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More Than a Pretty Façade: Specifying with channel glass

Photo courtesy Technical Glass Products

U-shaped, linear cast-glass channels can provide design teams with a distinctive architectural feature while contributing to high-performance building design. This article presents considerations for design teams working to specify channel glass applications suitable for projects with multiple performance needs. It examines occupant privacy, daylighting, thermal performance, hurricane protection, and aesthetics.

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