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The Human Element

Finding the human touch in a web-based age

David J. Wyatt, CDT

Colin Gilboy, founder of 4specs website, estimates there are only 800 W-2 employed and 1099-independent specification writers currently working in the United States. (By his reckoning, it takes 30 to 50 employees to support a full-time specifier.) The rest of the specification writing is done by people for whom specification writing is not their primary task, such as project architects. Although this number may be relatively small when compared to similarly situated specialists serving other professions, specifiers are a stable and dedicated subset of the design profession. Continue reading

Expectations, Realities, and Remedies

David J. Wyatt, CDT

In spite of our best efforts, we occasionally commit errors testing our professional skills and demeanor. The daily demands on design professionals, especially specifiers, just about guarantee this. Research, documentation, correspondence, coordination, time entry, billing, time with reps, project meetings, all the way down to taking out the trash—the accumulation of all these tasks place trouble-free work more in the realm of ‘possibility’ than ‘certainty.’

However, the real spice in this mix is how desire to meet others’ expectations challenges our basic principles. Continue reading