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Making Sense of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

All photos courtesy Spray Foam Coalition

For decades, the U.S. design and construction industry has turned to sprayed polyurethane foam to insulate and air seal buildings. When used as a roofing material, its monolithic nature allows for a seamless, self-flashing application that can keep out water. SPF can also improve energy efficiency, helping building owners and general contractors comply with energy codes and meet performance requirements for green building programs and certifications.

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Harrisonburg hot yoga studio keeps moisture out

A 51-mm (2-in.) layer of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) was applied in the Bikram Yoga Harrisonburg studio renovations in Virginia. The material acts as an air and vapor barrier for the facility as it reaches temperatures of 40.5 C (105 F) and maintains 40 percent humidity. 

Photos courtesy Elite Insulation & PolyPro LLC

The ideal climate for a hot yoga studio during an average 90-minute session is a temperature of 40.5 C (105 F) and 40 percent humidity. The high temperature and humidity required for this type of activity created unique challenges in the retrofit design and construction of Bikram Yoga Harrisonburg in Virginia.

The 214-m2 (2300-sf) studio, located on the first floor of a 130-year-old building, was in need of renovations and a vapor barrier system that …

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