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Insulating buildings with pressure-sensitive tape

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape technologies have properties that can insulate a building from environmental events such as precipitation, vapor ingress, extreme cold and heat, and external noise. While there may be a temptation to use putties and caulks instead of PSA tapes for insulation purposes, those materials are typically employed as fillers meant to span gaps—they do not provide an air or water barrier. PSA tapes can be used as an effective alternative or complementary barrier throughout a building by sealing areas like windows and doors that may be vulnerable to outside environmental fluctuations.

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If it’s too hot…

When specifying and installing air and moisture/vapor barriers, consideration is often given to cold-weather limitations of those materials to better ensure proper application and long-term performance.

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Air Vapor Barriers: When in doubt, box it out

Air vapor barriers (AVBs) are critical in controlling air and moisture transport within building enclosure assemblies. Ignoring bulk water penetration, moisture-related issues experienced within the building enclosure are more commonly the result of moisture transport through air movement..

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