CSI community on ‘Planting Construction Career Seeds’

In this issue’s edition of “To Be Specific,” Ken Lambert, CSI, CSL, president of the New Hampshire Chapter of CSI, discusses how and why the association should encourage more young people to consider a career in the trades. A version of the blog was also published at www.csiresources.org, and discussed in the CSI Connect Community Forum. Here is one of the suggestions:

“We need to start ‘planting construction career seeds’ at an earlier age than just high school. If parents see their children developing interest in working with their hands, and not being able to afford four years of college tuition debt, they may develop a lot more interest in encouraging their children to pursue a trades career.

“While no careers are recession-proof, buildings need to be built, and they will always need the trades. Today’s tradesperson is working with the latest tools and technology, they are able to work in safe conditions, and at the end of the day they are proud to say, ‘I built that building!’”

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