SOSS Invisible Hinges Demo-Cast

SOSS Invisible Hinges are full mortise, fully concealed hinges that cannot be seen from either side of the door when closed. They have been in continuous production since 1903, making them the original invisible hinges. Joseph Soss created the first invisible hinge when he tripped on the hatch of a ship with protruding hinges. Necessity and innovation collided, and the world’s first invisible hinge was born. Almost 120 years later SOSS remains a family-owned business with a rich history of innovation. SOSS Invisible Hinges are designed to deliver better form fit and function across a wide variety of applications and environments. Whether you need to hide the door to a secret room or have a room design that deserves to be noticed you’ll find SOSS has the hinge. Invisible hinges are naturally hard to find, but if you look closely, you will find them in entry or interior doors, cabinet doors, and fine furniture around the world. SOSS Invisible Hinges have been used by some of the most respected architects, designers, and builders and can be found in prestigious locations around the world. SOSS Invisible Hinges are dependable, strong, and beautiful. That is why great doors hinge on SOSS.

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