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In-building pipe rehabilitation: Convenient and cost-effective repair method

Modern in-building pipe rehabilitation offers complete restoration of vertical and horizontal plumbing systems located within walls and under floors, without the need for pipe replacement and the costly, invasive demo and repairs associated with it. This non-invasive form of pipe repair is ideal for vent, stack, and branch lines, and horizontal sewer pipes up to 304 mm (12 in.) in diameter, allowing buildings to remain open and occupied during the repair process.

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Hygienic Ceilings: Standards and guidelines

Various regulations and guidelines for constructing and maintaining ceilings in facilities with hygienic requirements. A complement to one of the magazine’s feature articles, this short web piece looks at requirements and best practices for schools, laboratories, food preparation, healthcare, and other specialized spaces.

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Understanding the value of janitorial services

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system is seen by many across the globe as the premier benchmark of achievement in green building. Savvy building owners and developers recognize the importance of the janitorial function when it comes to LEED certification in existing buildings, as well as its impact on efficient and cost-effective facilities management.

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