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Denver mid-rise employs unusual dewatering method for foundation

One of Denver’s first cross-laminated timber (CLT) mid-rises has employed a rarely utilized means of groundwater control, known as ejector well dewatering. One of the benefits of this system is ability to lower groundwater to the maximum extent possible, allowing for the excavation and installation of the foundation mat slabs and waterproofing membrane in “near-dry” conditions.

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Constructing basements to receive waterproofing

Auditoriums and computer rooms that do not require daylight now occupy basements that formerly housed mechanical plants and vehicle parking. These sensitive occupancies require the spaces be waterproofed to prevent water from migrating through the basement walls and slab in contact with the wet, adjoining soil.

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Retrofitting buildings with vapor barriers

Vapor intrusion occurs when there is a migration of chemicals containing vapor from a subsurface source such as soil, groundwater, or soil vapor into an overlying building (Figure 1). As a result of past activities, some areas are more prone to the risk of vapor intrusion for its surrounding structures.

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