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A really cool idea: As temperatures rise, so does the demand for cool roofing

As greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continue to trap heat and make homes and businesses more difficult to cool, cities are struggling to keep up with the demand on local energy grids. Higher cooling demands are also making it more costly to own a home, run a business, or staff an office building. It is incumbent upon designers, architects, and specifiers to factor in the costs of rising temperatures, and incorporate temperature-lowering cool roofs into their recommendations.

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Cellular glass insulation

Inspired by building science, insights from commercial construction in Europe, and feedback from architects, cellular glass is being re-introduced as an approach for insulating mission critical enclosures, specifically in commercial rooftop applications.

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Metal panels dynamically skin Iowa university building

During the last decade, the construction industry has seen an evolution of finishes and applications. This has changed the way metal panels are being designed—they are no longer viewed just as a durable means to enclose a building. This change in perception can be seen in the adoption of a complex metal rainscreen system comprising interlacing patterns to form beautiful, complex façades.

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