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Specifying glass for sloped glazing and skylights

Custom-designed sloped glazing and skylights have long brought a distinctive architectural statement to atriums and other features of commercial buildings. While the framing is essential for supporting the structure and resisting environmental loads, the selection and specification of the overhead glass is of the greatest importance due to the hazards posed by potential breakage. The glazing and fenestration industry has developed a guide to assist designers and specifiers prioritize and apply the variables to meet applicable code provisions, minimize breakage, and maximize performance.

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Integrating fenestration with the wall

Selection of fenestration systems for specific wall assemblies is a process in which performance characteristics, such as structural capacity, the resistance to air infiltration, and water penetration, and thermal attributes are evaluated along with aesthetics and cost. However, the integration of the system(s) under consideration with the adjacent exterior wall assembly is often overlooked in the selection process.

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