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It is time to saddle up!

Moisture-related problems are common at critical interface conditions in the building enclosure due to discontinuities in the air/moisture control layers. One such instance is where a parapet at a lower roof meets an exterior rising wall of an upper floor or another enclosure assembly.

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Back to basics: Differences between air and vapor barriers

Building industry professionals largely agree on the importance of moisture control methods, but there is frequent confusion about the use of vapor and air barriers. To make the right decision on which methods and materials to include in a building envelope, it is critical to understand the simple, yet significant, differences between air and vapor barriers, and their role as part of an effective system.

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Brick Cladding: Helping keep moisture out

Every year, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, followed by humidity interchanged with dryness. Periods of intermittent rain showers followed by stretches of blistering heat are common and these climate variations can lead to an increase in wall moisture.

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