What you said: How the built environment enhances health

Photo © BigStockPhoto.com
Photo © BigStockPhoto.com

In light of the novel coronavirus dominating world headlines, a recent Forbes article about Harvard Medical School graduate and lecturer Stephanie Taylor’s research into the impact of the built environment on health was the subject of a ‘What Do You Think’ conversation on the CSI Connect Community at CSIResources.org. In particular, members were asked, “What projects have you worked on, or know of, that have had a profound benefit on health and well-being?”

David Lewis, CSI, of Saint Louis, Missouri, replied, “Low humidity levels in all types of buildings can become a problem. It is the job of the HVAC design engineer, in collaboration with the architect, to know how to control the humidity levels, especially in medical facilities. Not just in hospitals, but urgent care facilities as well as dental offices where your mouth can be open for quite some time and the previous patient had a cold.”

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