Brick in Architecture Award winners reveal masterful use of fired-clay brick

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has announced the winners of the 2022 Brick in Architecture Awards, an international design competition featuring projects that utilize fired-clay brick innovatively and masterfully.

Introducing a new “thin brick” category, the 45 winning projects span across the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, and Germany. The winners include nine in the “best-in-class” category, 10 gold, eight silver, 17 bronze, and an overall craftsmanship award.

“Brick can create virtually anything as an inherently sustainable material with limitless design options, superior durability, fire resistance, and energy savings,” says BIA president and CEO, Ray Leonhard.

 The best-in-class winning projects include:
Treehuis—Marion County, Iowa
Architect: substance architecture
Brick manufacturers: Glen-Gery & Sioux City Brick
Masonry contractor: Seedorff Masonry Inc.

Educational (higher education)
Hearth: Memorial to the Enslaved—Williamsburg, Virginia
Architect: Baskervill
Brick manufacturers: Pine Hall Brick Company & Old Carolina Brick Co.
Brick distributor: Riverside Brick & Supply
Mason contractor: Bearing Masonry

Educational (K-12)
Hildreth Elementary School—Harvard, Massachusetts
Architect: Arrowstreet Inc.
Brick manufacturer: Interstate Brick
Brick distributor: Consolidated Brick
Mason contractor: Costa Brothers Masonry

Historic renovation
ASC ARTS x3—Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Architect: AMR Architects Inc. & designLAB Architects
Mason contractor: East Harding

Art Center of Aranya, Jinshanling—Hebei, China
Architect: Atelier Archmixing
Brick manufacturer: Yixing Fubang Architectural Ceramics Co. Ltd.

Paving and landscaping
NetApp Wichita State University—Wichita, Kansas
Architect: Mid-Kansas Engineering Consulting
Brick manufacturer: The Belden Brick Company
Brick distributor: Lusco Brick

Residential multifamily
801 Oak Park—Oak Park, Illinois
Architect: DesignBridge Ltd.
Brick manufacturer: Interstate Brick
Brick distributor: Bricks Inc.
Mason contractor: RV Builders

Residential single-family
 “The Brickyard” (private residence)—Chicago, Illinois
Architect: dSpace Studio
Brick manufacturer: Interstate Brick
Brick distributor: Bricks Inc.
Mason contractor: RMF Construction Inc.

Thin brick
The Brick & The Machine—Culver City, California
Architect: Abramson Architects
Brick manufacturer: Endicott Clay Products Company
Mason contractor: J Ginger Masonry

Craftmanship award/ Gold winner
Enlace—Chicago, Illinois
Architect: Canopy
Brick manufacturers: Sioux City Brick, The Belden Brick Company, Palmetto Brick Company
Brick distributor: Brickworks Supply LLC.
Mason contractor: Blackwood Group


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