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Meet the New CSI Board of Directors

CSI is pleased to announce the results of its 2023 national election.
The following individuals have been elected to the CSI board of directors, effective July 1, 2023.

Kevin Wang, CSI, CCS, CDT – Director-at-large

Thomas A. Lanzelotti, CSI, CDT – Director, Northeast Region

Georgia Spenser, CSI, CDT – Director, Northwest Region

Lynsey Hankins, CSI – Director, South Central Region

These individuals join the incumbent board members to form the FY2024 CSI Board of Directors:

Arthur “Cam” Featherstonhaugh IV, CSI, CDT – Board chair

William Sundquist, FCSI – Chair-elect

Jori Smith, CSI, CDT – Secretary

Michael Young, FCSI, CCCA, CCS, CDT – Treasurer

Jarrod Mann, PE, CSI, CDT – Director-at-large

Morayma Bittle, CSI, CCS, CDT – Director, Southwest Region

Ivette Ramirez Bruns, CSI, CCS, CDT – Director, Great Lakes Region

Patrick Comerford, CSI, CCPR, CDT – Director, West Region

Amy Hockett, CSI, CDT – Director, Southeast Region

Betina Latiker, CSI, CCS, CDT – Director, Gulf States Region

Robert Vaughn, CSI – Director, Middle Atlantic Region

Andrea Zawodny, CSI, CCS, CDT – Director, North Central Region

Mark Dorsey, FASAE, CAE – CEO (Ex-Officio)

CSI is thankful for every member who demonstrated interest in joining the board of directors by submitting their names for consideration. CSI also thanks all members who participated in the organization’s election by voting.

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