Four resources to help you earn your CDT

Are you ready to earn your Construction Documents Technology (CDT) certification and join an elite group of professionals who are known for their comprehensive knowledge of the writing and management of construction documents?

Project architects, contractors, contract administrators, material suppliers, and manufacturers’ representatives alike realize the advantages of being a construction documents technologist. The benefits include gaining respect from peers as a result of your understanding of how a project unfolds—from concept to delivery and the roles and relationships of all participants—and the required documentation for effective communication among all members of the construction team.

Here, Matt Fochs, director of learning, practice, and outreach at CSI, shares four resources the association has created for the sole purpose of helping you achieve your goals.

1) Project Delivery Practice Guide

The primary resource document for CDT certification, the Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG), 3rd Edition, (available in print and electronic versions) covers the foundational skills and knowledge tested by the CDT examination.

2) Project Delivery Study Workbook

The CDT study workbook is designed to be used with PDPG by candidates preparing for the CDT certification examination. This digital workbook comprises interactive elements to enhance your learning experience.

3) The CDT candidate handbook

The CDT Handbook for Certification Candidates is a free resource and a starting point for anyone interested in the certificate. It contains very pertinent information regarding candidate requirements, application procedures, knowledge domains, reference materials, study resources, and CSI certification policies. This CSI publication is available in an electronic format at

4) CDT study group

Exam registrants are automatically added to the CSI study group. This interactive resource includes a discussion thread to share ideas, topics, and questions with fellow test-takers, and weekly, scheduled online sessions for follow-ups. Access all of these resources at

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