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Operating commercial restrooms: Designing for authentic, long-term sustainability

When designing a modern restroom, lasting sustainability should factor into the scope of planning and project design. Sustainability is closely associated with economical operation, providing architects with opportunities to support their clients’ long-term business goals. ‘Authentic sustainability’ requires design professionals to consider strategies beyond those typically associated with green building.

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Minimizing hospital infections starts in the restroom

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) occur in every type of healthcare facility and can be spread in various ways. These infections are caused by a number of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Hospital water systems and bathrooms can be ideal places for germs to breed. However, through smart restroom design and strategic specification of fixtures, healthcare facilities can minimize the spread of infection-causing pathogens.

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The rise of the blue roof

Blue-roof implementation is on the rise in the United States and, indeed, around the world. First conceived in 2008, these ROOF assemblies have proved to be an emerging technology that changes the game in densely populated, urban areas like San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York.

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