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Door Closer Hinges: A New Approach

by Betty Chen, CSI, and Michael Chusid, RA, FCSI

A closer hinge, an advanced type of spring hinge, incorporates the door control mechanisms into the barrel of a hinge. Innovative engineering has made closer hinges more compact and functional; the new generation of products provides unique combinations of features and benefits to address door closing challenges that are not satisfactorily met by overhead surface-mounted door closers. In addition to being used on doors with special … Continue reading Door Closer Hinges: A New Approach

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Door hardware 101: The basics of door hardware specifications

Door hardware specifications can be confusing and tedious. Just the thought of having to recall door hardware terminology, code requirements, and best practices is overwhelming. Then, transferring that knowledge to work when designing commercial or institutional facilities with hundreds to thousands of openings, each including five to 10 pieces of hardware, seems like a monumental task. This reference guide explaining common terminology and hardware will help make the process a little less daunting.

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Troubleshooting ineffective acoustical assemblies

A quick read through any hotel’s online reviews will reveal the most common complaint the hospitality industry struggles with is noise. As anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel knows, the sounds of doors slamming at all hours and boisterous hotel guests in hallways are frequent barriers to getting a good night’s sleep while traveling.

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