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Understanding new accessibility requirements for doors

The 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design has several requirements that continue to surprise architects and specifiers. This article examines changes to door hardware operable force, use of low-energy automatic operators, protrusions into egress, and the need for proper maneuvering clearance.

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Specifying doors for a healthier environment

Healthcare facilities contribute to patient well-being by balancing design elements in the built environment with safety and security. Proper selection of door and hardware products can help protect patients from harm and maintain a level of security for others, including professional and clinical staff.

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The standard for hardware performance

Schools, hospitals, and government buildings share essential characteristics; they house sensitive information, are designed to be used for long periods, and have public responsibilities. Specifiers and building managers must ensure safety and security needs are met by selecting the appropriate door hardware.

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