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Two domes of a different color

Two nearly identical domes constructed in different climate zones provide an opportunity to evaluate the ways in which environment and weather affect service life and performance of construction materials. One of the domes is located in the Southeast, in a hot, humid climate, and the other is located in the northern Plains region, in a cold, arid climate. Both domes were the subject of detailed condition assessments for development of maintenance-type repairs.

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Has time run out for glazed brick?

Glazed brick has had a love/hate relationship with the real estate, design, and construction community for well over a century. In 2011, the New York Times ran an article in the real estate section stating that during the middle of the last century, “glazed brick was supposed to make [buildings] look like beacons of clean, shiny modernism in the midst of the dirty city,” but that “now some of them are falling apart.”

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Installation limitations

The importance of selecting an appropriate weather-resistive barrier (WRB), given project-specific conditions such as substrate types and anticipated in-service environmental conditions, has been emphasized in several past Failures articles by these authors.

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