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Lubber Run Park: Achieving net-zero status with copper

To maintain the green space as a park, the project team designed a structure that would integrate with the adjacent stream and woodlands. The project features a low-slung profile and a green roof, easing the transition between the built environment and its natural surroundings. The material palette, including wood beams, copper panels, and exposed concrete walls, gives the facility an elemental appearance.

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Building for the future with insulated metal panels

Designing with IMPs gives project owners, architects, and contractors a competitive edge in today’s design-build market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, continuous panels outperform conventional construction systems in their efficiency and longevity, while contributing to the construction of eco-friendly architecture.

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Achieving green building goals with architectural metal coating systems

For commercial building projects seeking next-level sustainability, architects and specifiers now have the option of choosing coil or extrusion coatings formulated without the use of LBC Red List chemicals. With reduced harsh materials, these high-performance, durable, architectural coating systems support LEED v4.1 and LBC Red List compliance when applied to metal building products made with common metal substrates.

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