Cool new home for Polk’s penguins

Comprising metal panels, Polk Penguin Conservation Center’s façade mimics the shimmer and color of the Antarctic landscape. Photo courtesy Valspar Corp.

The Detroit Zoo is home to 83 penguins, so it’s only fitting its Polk Penguin Conservation Center resemble Antarctic’s icy landscape. Now open to the public, the facility—which holds more than 1,234,044 L (326,000 gal) of water—welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year as part of the 510-ha (125-acre) zoo.

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Grass is greener atop St. Louis building

A 1654-m2 (17,800-sf) green roof now sits atop the 700 Market Street building in St. Louis, Missouri. Photos courtesy Bade Roofing.

A gas fire pit, a fescue lawn, and numerous seating areas are some of the green roof features installed at General American Building in St. Louis, Missouri. Located at 700 Market Street (and now known by its address), the building originally opened in 1979. The six-story structure is the only St. Louis building designed by acclaimed 20th-century U.S. architect Philip Johnson

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Buddy Holly Hall will be music to fans’ ears

A 60-m (200-ft) 200-ft telecommunications tower serves a symbol of renewal for Lubbock that will be visible from a great distance.

Swooping planes and a helical staircase are two of the designs features that will welcome patrons of the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences in Lubbock, Texas. Designed by Toronto’s Diamond Schmitt Architects, the $146-million facility will pay homage to the legendary 1950s pop star in his birthplace.

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Motor City renovation unravels a weighty problem


When it was built in 1897, Detroit’s Bamlet Building didn’t have to contend with the loads associated with modern-day cooling towers, chillers, and other heavy rooftop HVAC systems. So when it came time to renovate the 3345-m2 (36,000-sf) brick and timber structure, the project team turned to comparably lighter-weight variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology and rooftop equipment mounts with footings for strategic weight distribution.

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