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Mansfield Center for Performing Arts commands an audience

Mansfield Center for Performing Arts in Texas features oversized entrances matched with large, curving spans of glass and aluminum storefront and curtain wall with sun shades. Photos courtesy Huckabee and Tubelite Inc.

Situated on a hill in a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb, Mansfield Independent School District’s Center for the Performing Arts features oversized entrances matched with large, curving spans of glass and aluminum storefront, as well as a curtain wall with sunshades, drawing attention from the students, staff, and community.

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Restroom partitions complement school expansion

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) particitions were specified for the new Science Centre restrooms at Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. In total, seven partitions were furnished and installed—three in the men’s bathroom and four in the women’s bathroom. Photos courtesy Scranton Products

Lake Forest Academy (Lake Forest, Illinois) is one of the country’s most renowned boarding schools, and as its population grew so did the need for new dormitories and additional facilities. Established in 1857 as a boys’ preparatory department of the former Lind University, the addition of the girl’s preparatory department came in 1869—currently, there are 425 students in grades nine through 12.

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Hawaiian brewery keeps cool with IMPs

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) were ideal for the Maui Brewing Company facility’s high-performance and aesthetic requirements. Photos © Ryan Siphers

by Eric Jurus

Touted as “Hawaii’s number-one craft beer,” the award-winning Maui Brewing Company has expanded to a 3900-m2 (42,000-sf) insulated metal panel (IMP)-clad facility to meet an overwhelming demand. After nearly a decade of brewing, the company required a more energy-efficient, sustainable facility to stay consistent with its brand.

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