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CSIResources.org Delivers Speedy, Precise Results with Every Click

Searching for information on the web is a drag. Everyone has been there… trying to find something, but nothing relevant seems to surface right away. Then, it is back to the search bar, trying some different keywords or phrases and clicking a few links before finally finding what is needed, but not before wasting more time
than expected. People have become savvy internet researchers these days and know how to find information. That is why the search functionality is
so important to any website.

Well, the CSI team fixed that on CSIResources.org. So, no more searching and digging. Visitors can now search across multiple CSI resources and pages in one click. The site features improved search functionality to return better, more relevant, complete results. So, when looking for something specific visitors can be rest assured, they will find it. The best part is it is fast—no more wasting time searching as visitors browsing the CSIResources.org page will find what they need in no time flat.

Here are a few search tips:

  • In the top navigation, use the “Sort by Filter” to narrow the search based on document relevance, most recent, or least recent.
  • On the left navigation, visitors can: Narrow content search results by choosing a category such as blogs, community discussion threads, events, etc. Or use the additional filters below the category type provided to further fine-tune the query, for example, by year.

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