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What Do You Think? How Are You and Your Team Managing Your Post-pandemic-work Schedule

The CSI Community Connect Forum is the go-to resource to connect with other construction industry professionals in real-time, keep up on current events, and even share interesting information about oneself.

In a recent discussion, forum members were asked, “How are you and your team managing your office schedule following the COVID-19 lockdown? Are employees being asked to return to work? Is work-at-home still an option? How has the pandemic impacted the way you and your colleagues get the job done now and in the future?”

“Nationally, we have gone to three days in the office (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) with Monday and Friday being work at home days, or in the office if you prefer,” said Anne Whitacre FCSI, CCS, LEED AP. “People are allowed slightly flexible schedules to make commuting easier, at least in the San Francisco office where I work. We are masked according to the protocol of the office location, or masked if there have been three COVID-19 cases in the office within the preceding 10 days.

“Some people are permitted to work remotely full time; we found some staff moved during the past two years and since most of our project meetings are virtual, your location may not matter that much. We also started spreading the work between offices and most meetings have a virtual component anyway—because of where staff is located at the time.”

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