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IMPs create textured aesthetic at New Hampshire facility

When selecting exterior panels for a new YMCA facility in Exeter, New Hampshire, specifiers wanted a system that was durable enough to protect the building against the region’s wet, cold winters, but also visually soft enough to make the center inviting for visitors. Additionally, as the facility was scheduled to open in April, much of the work would be done in the winter, without room for construction delays.

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IMPs balance envelope performance with fire safety

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) have gained significant traction in recent years as a factory-assembled alternative to standard, site-built construction types. Comprising two impermeable metal facers separated by an insulating core, IMPs provide thermal resistance with an effective air/water/vapor barrier in a single component.

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IMPs cut construction costs of a Harlem retail building

New York City’s Harlem neighborhood is going through a revitalization. At the center of this neighborhood renaissance is 100 West 125th Street, a 61,570-m2 (202,000-sf) commercial project. The project’s architect initially wanted to employ aluminum composite metal (ACM) panels, but found costs were higher than anticipated. Therefore, the design team switched to insulated metal panels (IMPs), a single-component assembly.

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