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EPS insulation excels at Pikes Peak

by Tom Savoy

Known as the inspiration behind the familiar “America the Beautiful” lyrics, Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain, is a famed Colorado landmark as recognizable as the time-honored tune. This rugged Colorado “fourteener,” a nickname given to mountains that exceed 4267 m (14,000 ft) in elevation, soars 4302 m (14,115 ft) above sea level. Perched at the top sits the 1960s-era Summit House, a bunker-style visitors’ center that permanently closed its doors to the public … Continue reading EPS insulation excels at Pikes Peak

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Utah fire station earns LEED Gold with triple-glazed curtain wall system

Salt Lake City’s Fire Station No. 14, Utah, earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for its energy-efficient, environmentally responsible design and construction. When it opened in 2018, it was one of the first net-zero-energy (NZE) fire stations in the country, meaning it generates more energy than it consumes. Helping achieve the building’s performance goals was triple-glazed thermal block curtain wall, multi-pane storefront, and interior framing systems.

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