Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope


Global warming could increase lightning strikes by 50 percent, according to recently published climatological research. The distribution of lightning activity may also change, raising the occurrence of lightning in regions that heretofore had little risk.1 At the same time, the need for lightning protection becomes more urgent as buildings are filled with increasingly sensitive electronic devices.

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Xypex: Concrete Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology


Crystalline waterproofing improves concrete durability, lowers maintenance costs, and extends building lifecycles From building foundations, elevator pits, floor slabs, and exterior precast panels to water treatment facilities and underground urban infrastructure, concrete is the most commonly used construction material.

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Getting it Right the First Time: Addressing heat and light problems with glazing

Photo courtesy Sage Electrochromics. Photo © Jeffrey Totaro Photography

Customers often call design teams regarding problems concerning too much light and/or too much heat coming into a building and making the space practically unusable. Frequently, it is not that the existing glass had poor performance, but rather the issue is the original design concept did not combine the glazing with other design elements to adequately address the sun management challenge the exterior environment presents.

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Testing for Safety Measures: Installing raceways and cables in direct sunlight

Photo © BigStockPhoto/Zibedik

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently completed tests intended to provide technical data on the safety aspects of installing raceways and cables exposed to direct sunlight on or above rooftops. The investigation included experiments on17 different sizes of electrical wiring systems installed on varying heights on a roof in Las Vegas. The testing provided insight on how solar heating affected all wiring systems when installed on or above the rooftop. This has implications when designing electrical systems for industrial, commercial and other flat-roofed buildings.

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