The Benefits of Metal Roofs and Coatings

Recognized as sustainable, durable building components, metal roofs are used in various applications. The performance of the assembly’s panels depends on the metal substrate, metallic layer, and exterior coating. These are critical to the panel’s weather and corrosion resistance, color retention, and overall longevity.
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Specifying Structural Framing Systems

Many factors come into play when designers specify structural framing. There are so many criteria, sometimes there is no absolute answer as to which framing system would perform best. At the same time, the interests of various parties must be served, meaning the final selection does not always rest...
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Cold-formed Steel Framing Gets Complicated

During the medieval period, complex Gothic structures were built from drawings that communicated a designer’s overall vision without detailing specific means of construction. Master craftsmen translated designs into buildable structures using simple tools available at the time. Now, in some respects, the construction industry has come full circle.
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Avoiding De-icing Salt Corrosion

Catherine Houska, CSI

Salt corrosion is not only a problem near the seashore—in fact, there is a significant, and often unrecognized, risk in ‘inland’ areas where seasonal de-icing salts are regularly used.Salt accumulations have been documented up to 1.9 km (1.2 mi) downwind from busy roadways and as...

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The Benefits of BIM for Interior Steel Framing

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is helping architects and specifiers streamline their product selection process by providing detailed 3D models of specific products and allowing them to track the product through the construction process. While the use of BIM is increasing, the idea of using component-specific BIM programs, such...
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